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Direct Deposit

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If you have a recurring deposit like a paycheck or retirement income, Equitable Federal Credit Union offers direct deposit to get your funds where they need to go. No more worrying about checks getting lost in the mail or in your car. No more waiting in teller lines or braving rush hour.

Benefits of direct deposit

  • Reduce the risk of check fraud and lost or stolen checks
  • Access your funds quicker. You do not have to wait for your payroll check to clear
  • You can divide your paycheck among your Equitable Federal Credit Union accounts
  • Access your funds online via Online Banking

To get started with direct deposit simply download our direct deposit form and give the completed form to your employers payroll department.

Common questions regarding direct deposit:

What does my employer need?

To begin direct deposit to your account, you will need to provide your payroll department with the following information:

  • Your Equitable FCU savings or checking account number.
  • Our routing number. (241273308)

Please note: If you are depositing to your checking account, your payroll department may request a voided check. If you do not have checks for your checking account, we made this handy form on our letter head that may be acceptable for most payroll departments: Click to view

Where do I find my account number?

To locate your Equitable FCU savings or checking account number, please refer to your statements. If you have checks you will be able to find this information at the bottom of one of your checks. Here is an example:

Check Sample Image

How soon will my deposits start?

This depends on your payroll department or payer. Please check with them on when to expect your request to take place. In most cases, your direct deposit will begin within two (2) pay periods. (E.g. If you are paid weekly, your deposit may start around 2-3 weeks after your request is submitted.)

What if I have benefit checks?

To sign up for direct deposit for Social Security, Supplementary Security, or other federal checks, please visit Go Direct

For all other federal government agency employees, please complete the Standard Form 1199A provided by the Treasury Department.