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Credit Life and Credit Disability

Life can be unpredictable. That's why EQFCU offers low-cost, quality protection for borrowers. When you apply for a loan, you have the option to protect and insure your loan payments. There are two types of payment protections: Credit Disability (single or joint) and Credit Life (single or joint). You may choose both life and disability, only one, or neither.

If you choose not to purchase the payment protection, the borrower(s) are responsible for paying the loan even in the event of disability. Or your estate may be responsible in the event of your death.

The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Life Insurance offer products that protect your family's financial security against accidental death and dismemberment. Click here to learn more about CUNA Mutual.

Credit Disability
When you purchase credit disability payment protection for a loan, if you are unable to work due to a CUNA approved disability, the loan payments are made by CUNA during the period of disability.

Credit Life
When you purchase credit life payment protection for a loan, if you should die during the term of the loan the loan balance on the date of death is paid by CUNA.

Payment Protection is available for a trial period of 30 days. If you decide that it's not for you, you can opt-out with no questions asked during this period at no cost to you!

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) Plus Insurance

The last thing you want to think about right now is a total loss on your new vehicle... But you should. The moment you drive your vehicle off of the lot, it depreciates 20% on average. And you can count on roughly a 15% decline in value each year for the next four years. If your vehicle is stolen or damaged and deemed a total loss, you are responsible to pay the difference between what you owe and what your insurance company says your vehicle is worth. GAP can help cover the difference and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Auto Deductible Insurance


Included with your purchase of GAP insurance!

Equitable FCU now offers members an ADR insurance that could cover out-of-pocket insurance deductibles when you have an accident or mishap with your vehicle.

  • Pays up to $500 per loss (limit of two losses per year) when a claim is filed and paid with their primary insurance carrier
  • Reimbursement will be equal to the covered auto deductible on the auto policy, up to $500 per loss.

A covered auto is any auto owned and insured by the member so they might have multiple eligible autos covered by one ADR*.  Coverage is effective upon the date of enrollment and will continue for two (2) years.

How much does GAP Insurance cost?

The regular GAP insurance premium is $450.00. This cost can be financed into a member's loan at time of approval.

Route 66 Extended Warranty

Car repairs can be expensive and we want you to keep more of your hard-earned money. That's why we've partnered with Route 66 to offer you an extended warranty for your vehicle.

More Than Just a Warranty

From roadside assistance, to a tow truck, or rental car, Route 66 is committed to providing you convenience so you can be worry-free while you are traveling.  The Route 66 Extended Auto Warranty will not only help you prepare for the unexpected, it also will help take care of the extra services you may need.

It's more than just a warranty; it offers these great benefits too:

  • Zero Deductible
  • 24/7/365 Roadside Assistance
  • Rental Car Services
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Nationwide Coverage

What if You Already Have a Warranty?

That's no problem. The Route 66 Extended Auto Warranty can supplement the coverage you currently have.